Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Our next trip is Howling with the Wolves at the Lobo Park near Antequera. We leave Fuengirola at 4.30 on October 12th (next Thursday) and the trip includes a barbeque. Come and see us at the desk if you are interested.
The theatre is slowly coming together. The electrical work isn't finished yet but the crew are pretty confident that all will be well in time for 'The Boyfriend'. Sandy Wilson's hit musical opens on Friday 13th!! It's not a mindstretcher, just great fun and having been nosey when they were rehearsing it looks like a good evening.
This week will be Feria in Fuengirola so if you are able to get in but have thought it not for you give it a try. Having been to Málaga and Torremolinos Ferias this year I can say that Fuengirola is a bit different. It specialises in horse events and as it is the last Feria of the season seems to attract horsemen - and women - from far and wide. It also seems friendlier and more accessible. A real chance for the foreigners to get in touch with Spanish culture (what will they make of The Boyfriend if they come to the Salon?)

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