Sunday, October 15, 2006

What a week!

Phew! it all came good this week. Our trip to the Howling was a great success although there was a problem with the cold. Here on the coast we have got used to the thermometer rarely dropping below 20 and when we set off it was shirt sleeves and summer dresses but as the sun dipped over the incredibly spectacular mountains behind Antequera the temperature went down with it. Those who had brought anoraks were OK but those of us who had wondered whether a light pullover was overdoing it, suffered. Nevertheless we had an enjoyable meal before setting off as it got dark. The wolves were beautiful and the enthusiasm of Daniel their host was infectious. We came away with a changed idea of the wolf and a respect for its place in nature.
At the theatre 'The Boyfriend' started only ten minutes behind schedule. Literally the audience could have watched the paint dry if the tabs had been open. There is still a bit of a problem with the electrics, mostly affecting the house lights but the stage was perfectly lit. First reviews in the bar on Saturday lunchtime were very enthusiastic with the youngsters dancing coming in for high praise and barely a word of criticism of the performances even from people who weren't cast!
FOTA's next big thing is the book sale on Saturday and stocks are good so come along and get prepared for the long winter evenings. Although it is still summer here with daytime temperatures reaching 29 we can't be too far away from a few wet nights when indoors is where it's at. Sale starts at 12. Looking forward to seeing you.

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