Thursday, September 07, 2006

This week we had our first committee meeting of the new year and decided that the November trip - on the 23rd - will be a twist on an old favourite. We shall go to Gibraltar and include a guided visit to the defensive tunnels but with enough time left over to do a little Christmas shopping. The social event after that will be our Christmas lunch, this year at El Brujo which is in El Coto. There is a good bus service for those who don't have, or don't want to use a car. We have had really good reports of the restaurant and with a cost of only 20 euros we hope there will be a good crowd.

The theatre is still in a chaotic state just like all those ' will they be ready on time' TV shows. The bar has been repainted and is up and running, the loos are fantastic but the Chekhov is upside down and the theatre itself covered in a fine patina of dust. But the work should be finished soon and with a good vacuum we may yet have the first show of the season on time. The Board are due to confirm this tomorrow. The theatre crew have been working really long hours and we must all be really grateful to them for getting us so far so fast.

Once the Chekhov is functioning again the Theatre Library deserves your attention. Most of us have seen the bookcase and looked at the titles but did you know that you can borrow them? Just ask David Radford ( usually selling the recycled cards which raise so much for FOTA). FOTA have added to the collection by buying the books which Penny Rixon had in her library. They filled three cars and haven't been catalogued yet but I think we can be confident that there will be something inspiring in there.

The new sound desk that FOTA was buying for the theatre has turned out to be more expensive than we first thought but we have agreed that we will pay for it. We often get asked what happens to the money raised by selling re-cycled cards and organising trips so if you get a balcony seat at a show this year take a look at the sound desk!

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