Thursday, August 31, 2006

Welcome to Fota blog for 2006 where we will try to keep all the members of FOTA up to date with our activities and the happenings at the theatre.
FOTA is a fundraising and social group for the Salon Varieties Theatre in Fuengirola on Spain's Costa del Sol. We raise funds in a number of ways. During our season (September to May) we organise trips into Andalucia and sometimes further afield, then every month we have a lunch at a local restaurant. Several times a year we use the theatre forecourt for bazaars and we also do our bit for the environment by recycling Christmas and birthday cards which are sold in the theatre's bar.
If you want to come along and join or chat to us we have a table in the bar on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11.30 to 1.15.
This year's programme kicks off with a social lunch at Ku Damm on October 5th. If you don't know this restaurant it is on the port overlooking the boats. It's a very popular restaurant and just the sort of place to get to know some fellow Fota members in a convivial atmosphere.
The first trip of the year is a return to the 'Howling of the Wolves' which was easily the most popular of the trips we did last year with nearly half a coachload of people disappointed as our one coach was full. This is on October 12th so come along and see us in the theatre forecourt as soon as you can.
Then on October 21st there is the Book sale on the theatre forecourt. This is another popular Saturday morning activity - keeping fingers crossed the autumn rains haven't arrived. It is also interactive which really just means if you have some books you have finished with that you think someone else will ennjoy then we would be happy to sell them for the theatre.
And so to the theatre. Work hasn't finished yet on the building and it is still touch and go whether the first show of the new season will go ahead. As soon as we get more news it will be posted. meanwhile rehearsals are starting for the Autumn season which will include: 'The Boy Friend' Stepping Out' Abigails Party' 'Witness for the Prosecution' and 'Grease'. More details soon or why not pick up a leaflet when you come to see us on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

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