Friday, July 14, 2006

There is still news even though the theatre is closed down for the summer. The builders are in and it seems almost as if we are in the middle of one of those 'will it be finished in time' reality shows. I've heard that progress is good in the bar and office area even if they look as if a bomb has hit it with plenty of rubble for souvenir collectors. Audience members will also be pleased to hear that the toilet refurbishment programme is coming along well. The bad news seems to be that the electricians still haven't started so are way behind schedule and with the reluctance of anyone to work in Andalucia in August it will be exciting times as the first production of the new season approaches. This is a visiting production so it's really important all goes well. Temperatures here are alrady approaching 30 (more if you can't find a breeze and are out in the sun) and the theatre can get very hot so it is a case of the sooner the better for the electrics and work that needs to be done on the roof.

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