Monday, August 16, 2010

The Theatre's Autumn Season

I know many of you like to include plans to see a show when you are here and the Autumn Season at the theatre has been announced. This is it:

September 17th - 21st - Curtain Up a play by Peter Quilter.
Peter Quilter has had his plays translated into 20 languages in 31 countries around the world and this was his first. Originally called 'Respecting Your Piers' it is the story of 5 women who inherit equal shares in a dilapidated theatre and are in urgent need of money. In the time honoured fashion they put on a show using local talent and a big star they have roped in. Of course things go wrong and the play becomes a fast paced and very funny comedy.

October 1st to 5th - Razzle Dazzle 'Em this is a Musical revue produced by Lizz Freeman so little more needs to be said. I imagine the wardrobe department will have a lot to do. Who knows, with so many costumes in the dressing rooms and on the stage they may be able to spring clean an empty room!

Wednesday October 13th - Cor Merched Cwm Llynff ladies Choir I deserve a drink if I've typed that right. Welsh Choirs always go down well and I can't remember a ladies one before so something a bit different.

October 22nd - 26th - Black Coffee by Agatha Christie. Agatha is always a highlight of the year. This was the only play she wrote for Hercule Poirot played here by long time favourite David Vincent. For FOTA members an extra bonus is that the cast includes President, Treasurer and Secretary!
Reviews of the play when it was first produced in 1930 called it 'craftsmanlike and entertaining' the Telegraph theatre critic called it a 'sound piece of detective storywriting'. It has twice been turned into a film and has been a firm favourite of community theatre groups all over the world.

5th - 14th November - Anything Goes. What would Autumn be without a Peter Mitchell musical? This is one with songs and music written by Cole Porter and concerns the madcap antics on an ocean liner going from New York to London. Another 1930s favourite, when it starred Ethel Merman and ran for 420 performances on Broadway making it the fourth longest running show of the decade. She did it again in 1989 in the West End with John Barrowman who was later in the National Theatre production in 2003. It is being revived next year on Broadway. Songs include: Anything Goes, You're the Top, I Get a Kick Out of You and It's DeLovely.

26th - 30th November - The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomens Guild Dramatic Society's Production of a Christmas Carol. What could be more festive than to welcome the Ladies, and their long suffering male assistant, at this time of the year to give us their 'Christmas Carol'. Mind you if there isn't total mayhem and chaos resulting in much unintended hilarity in the audience I shall be very surprised. The Ladies are well known for not exactly getting it right. I don't know whether they inspired Michael Green's 'Art of Coarse Acting' but they would have done well at the his annual Coarse Acting contest at the Questors in Ealing!

4th and 5th December - Christmas with TIMS. sanity returns.

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