Monday, July 26, 2010

An audition - even in summer

I hope that you are all enjoying summer. There isn't much to post about on the blog when the theatre is closed and I don't hear much gossip. Biggest news is that Alex, who has been running the bar ever since I came along nine years ago, is going back to Argentina. She has had some serious health problems lately and we all wish her well. Lets hope that, like many of us, she finds her own country fully supportive.
I hope those of you staying here for the summer are coping with the weather. We have just had nine days in Norway (wonderful)  and really enjoyed the rain and the temperatures. When we took off from Oslo to come back here the pilot told us it was 19 in Oslo and 35 in Malaga.

NOW for the bit you have been waiting for. Lizz Freeman is putting this notice in the papers this weekend: 

Ever wanted to Tread "The Boards"   Auditon Notice 

The Salon is presenting a Musical Revue from the 1st until the 5th Oct.
We need singers, rock, pop, classical, standards, plus  dancers of all styles,are you a group that could perform flamenco, line dancing, anything up beat and happy, then come for the Auditon which is on the  Saturday 31st of July at The Salon (stage door entrance) at 12 noon . I must stress that it is unpaid, and needs total dedication and commitment  to rehearsal time. please bring a CD or backing track. 
Director Lizz Freeman, more info on 952930039 or 606611228

Go for it!

Any news you have will be gratefully received. I'd like to keep this interesting during the summer. 

Keep cool. 

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