Monday, February 08, 2010

February Committee report

The Anniversary Booklet which FOTA has sponsored is now into its second printing. That means another 208 copies to be sold but with a new outlet in Woodys in Los Boliches and copies still going during the run of shows and at the desk we are optimistic that all will be well.

We had a very successful lunch  at Casa Rustica in January. Members attending were impressed with the food and the value and then contributed 64€ to the raffle. We are back there again this month and bookings are being taken at the desk.

By last Tuesday 27 had booked for trip to see the Almond Blossoms Scenery and Wildlife of the Genal Valley. I have had a couple of phone calls as well so I hope that when I do the desk on Wednesday we shall be nearly there. If you haven't booked it is getting close to make your mind up time. I did the trip a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I guess I ought to take my own advice and get organised if I want to go again!

The Treasurer presented his report and as a result we have agreed to hand over another 2000 euros to SALVA. There will be another 2000 plus when we can close the Bank account which we hope to do shortly. There is only one authorised signatory left from the early days when it was set up and as soon as she returns we shall sort this out.

Any Other Business produced one little item. At the last Christmas Bazaar we were given a new and very good food processor/mixer which was to go on the white elephant stall. We decided, however, that it was too good for the sort of offers such occasions generate and Helen Young became custodian of it in the hope that we could sell it separately. If you would like a super piece of kitchen equipment and think this might be it come and see us at the desk.

Still two nights left to see  Entertaining Mr Sloane. very good audience reaction so far so treat yourself to a funny but dark black comedy. Tonight and Tuesday at 8.00. FOTA members discount tonight

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