Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

The whole FOTA Board would like to wish all our members and their families a very Happy Christmas and a great 2010.
Since my last post we have had our Christmas raffle with most of the tickets being sold during the run of 'The Wizard of Oz'. If you haven't seen the show then the reports I have had suggest that you are missing something just a little bit special. Sufficient people saw the show and bought the raffle tickets for the total to be a little over 800 euros.
Then we had our Christmas Lunch and that was really enjoyable. 40 members turned up and contributed to a raffle take of 70 euros. Unfortunately the restaurant charged us an extra 50 cents ahead for the lunch so that made a bit of a dent in the funds but we were still ahead and what is always more important with lunches those attending had a good time.
So now the Christmas cards have been sent, those of you in England are going to get White Christmas, those in Malaga a wet one and I shall hopefully have some sunshine in the Canaries but wherever you are enjoy it and we shall look forward to seeing you at the FOTA desk in the New Year when our first event will be a lunch with hopefully a little surprise thrown in.

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