Sunday, May 28, 2006

It was AGM time on Wednesday this week (May 24th). I wish I could say that the theatre was packed but despite having about 300 members of FOTA only 15 turned up. Still such dedicated members are the ones most likely to keep the committee on our toes. It was gratifying that they seemed pretty content with what we had done in the year past. It was a time too for some goodbyes. Especially missed will be Joan who is going back to England as are Ann and Roy Akers. Joan has been Secretary almost from the beginning and will be a hard act to follow. We also remembered Jackie Travis who died this year and had been one of the most important and influential members of the theatre.
One fundraising trip remains this year. The annual picnic and visit to the Lakes. (If you don't know Málaga province it may come as a surprise that behind the Costa del Sol there is a beautiful, mountainous lake district).WE STILL HAVE VACANCIES so put JUNE 1st in your diary and come and see us on the desk at the theatre on Monday or Wednesday.
With the bank account in a healthy state we considered ideas for spending on the theatre. One popular idea has been a CCTV system for the stage manager. When we have box sets the SM has to rely on the actors getting the lines right and... well lets just say it doesn't always happen. Seeing what is happening makes her life easier and stops the audience having unplanned entertainment. We are still looking for ideas so if you want to post one go ahead.

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