Friday, April 07, 2006

The next production at the theatre is Ibsen's 'A Dolls House' . It's good to see the programming committee tackling an important classic - and it only gets to be a classic if it's good - and I am really looking forward to seeing it. The 'blurb' in the press reads:

Nora is a doll in her husband's eyes. She is a trophy he has won. He wants to keep his trophy pretty, pampered and kept on a high pedestal. When he talks to his wife he treats her like a little girl. He feels as if Nora should know nothing about their financial situation or any important issues in the household. It is a man's job in life to take care of the family. Torvald adores his wife but treats her as if she is not on the same level as him. He has pet names for her such as skylark, squirrel and feather brain. This is the story of Nora who bravely walks away from her confined marriage in a quest for freedom and self-enlightenment. A Dolls House from 1879 is performed as a tribute to Henrik Ibsen who died a hundred years ago. Henrik Hagensen directs in an entertaing, modern set. Samuel Adamson's snappy translation adds lethal punch and the classic play remains poignant touching and exciting for modern day audiences. Did Nora do the right thing? This question is still being discussed!

With a distinguished director and a cast of actors most of whom have worked in the professional theatre this should prove a stimulating and enjoyable evening. The play opens on Friday April 21st and runs toTuesday April 25th inclusive. Curtain up at 8.00 except Sunday when it is 7.00 I am looking forward to it.

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