Sunday, September 25, 2011

News Letter

Hello Everyone,
Here we are well into September and as you know the theatre is open again after the long summer recession. The first production of the Autumn was directed by John Pyne and featured Lizz Freeman, Catrina Helsby, Paul Anthony, and Deborah Dietl who all  gave perfect performances, what a joy to hear them sing so wonderfully well  to very good audiences and standing ovations. All of you who attended no doubt enjoyed a thoroughly good show. Then came the ’A tribute to Take That and Westlife’, what a joy too that show was and a complete sell out, where on earth did all those enthusiastic, effervescent young people come from, we need to know as we need them here at the theatre, they danced and cheered in the aisles, what a show and what a wonderful beginning to the Autumn.
As for FOTA, we have a representative at our FOTA desk now every day Monday to Saturday at lunch time and have been busy renewing memberships, joining new members, selling David’s wonderful cards, selling many calendars. Call in and see us, we would be so pleased to see you. Don’t leave it too late to buy your Christmas cards, they are available now.
The Calendar Launching Barbecue was a complete sell out and a wonderful success and the donation each guest made to FOTA all helped out with the huge expenses needed to keep the theatre going. It was a very enjoyable evening and the boys were fantastic, David our President was MC and Sweelan Ford was a great help in the kitchen. The guests and the staff were all so enthusiastic.  Congratulations to all of them who made it such a success.
So what have we got to look forward to? Well lots of things, first of all the play ‘Who is Afraid of Virginia Wolf, which is on for 5 nights starting this coming Wednesday,28th September. The cast have worked so hard at long rehearsals to give us a good show so please come along and support it. We need you specially now at a time of recession and crisis, Please come.
On Thursday the 6th October is our monthly lunch club meeting at Casa Rustica, a lovely venue, excellent meal,  good company, come and meet friends and book at FOTA desk. Non profit making lunch specially arranged for you.
Of course none of you must miss Oliver starting on 14th October, Peter Height and  Peter Mitchell are experts at producing professional and most enjoyable musicals and will of course be a great success, don’t miss that from the 14th until the 23rd October, and with all the children in it it will be a joy to watch. Just heard coming soon one night only TRES DIVOS
27th October we have Gina’s Coach Trip, we were going to see the crocodiles but have been told the butterflies are much more interesting and combined with that is a trip to the Cave at Rincon de la Victoria (not the Nerja ones), breakfast and lunch, please come for an enjoyable day out.  We need to be two thirds full on the coach to break even.  And just breaking news Friday 28th October 8 p.m. at Salon Varietes one night only THE RAT PACK, that should NOT be missed.
Beginning of November from 4th – 8th sees LADIES NIGHT directed by Peter Brooks at the Theatre, if you miss this girls you will be very sorry, your partners are welcome to come along too.. If it is anything like The Full Monty it will be terrific, that was a wonderful show at the Salon and this promises to be as good, Can’t wait!! If you belong to any club get a group together from the club to come with you. Ring Brian at the Box Office 952474542 to discuss group bookings or just book.
What else? Well lots of things in the planning, David Radford and I are off to Gibraltar Thursday to discuss prices of cruises from mid June and already we have prices from Royal Caribbean in Malaga so that is exciting, a group are off on a Nile cruise in January and there is lots more in the pipeline. Call in and find out all about what is going on, Any ideas?

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