Saturday, February 26, 2011

The trip of the Vine

Thursday March 17th is the date for our next trip. Trips to the interior of Andalucia seem to be particularly popular and so we thought a visit to the area around Montilla would be a good idea. This is one the areas known as D.O. - roughly equivalent to the French appellation controlee.  

The oldest bodega in Andalucia is in the centre of town. Its name is Bodega Alvear and we shall visit. The wines produced here vary in style but the most famous is an amontillado produced in the same way as the sherries of Jerez (which it once was sold as). The visit will include a tasting as well as the guided tour from one of the Bodega's own guides.

The local countryside probably doesn't have this style of agriculture anymore on its gentle clay slopes. The countryside has not always been peaceful and it was here that Julius Caesar defeated the sons and supporters of his great rival Pompey. Moors and Christians have fought here too but today the soil has more peaceful uses and it is to the next one that we shall spend the afternoon.

la Rambla is a small town famous for its ceramics. The products vary from the artistic to the useful and the plan is to visit a workshop.
If that doesn't appeal the town is very pretty and a quiet afternoon tea in the square would be as good a way as any to while away the time before the coach takes you back to Fuengirola.

As ever the coach will leave from outside Solbank at 9.00 and return about 7. The price will be notified after our Committee meeting on Tuesday but is likely to be 32 - 35 euros. The visit to the Bodega making it a little more than our last trip.

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