Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some Highlights

With a payment of 2,500 Euros FOTA has broken the 40,000 euros barrier in donations to SALVA in the past couple of years (actually now 41,848.12). A look at the theatre's accounts will show just how important this has been in keeping the theatre going. Not directly as a box office substitute but in the many different ways that the mostly unseen (until it goes wrong) activities contribute to the final effect from better sound and lighting to more comfy seats. Of course this couldn't be done without the backing of members of FOTA and non members alike. Whilst coming on a fantastically good value trip which then makes a profit isn't a hardship, buying raffle tickets at some of our shows is something we can only give thanks for.
During the year we have organised a monthly lunch, now at a regular venue, at which 20 -30 members enjoy both good food and a chance to meet each other. We don't charge any extra on the restaurant's regular price but we do try and persuade guests to buy a raffle ticket. This coming Thursday, December 16th,  we are moving venues to El Coto to the El Brujo restaurant for our Christmas Lunch. Always popular we hope that around 50 will enjoy the meal and maybe have a little theatricality thrown in!
The next venture though will be a little different as we are going to hold an evening dinner, with entertainment, early in the new year. Watch this space for more details.
Our trips have been good value and generally successful. Although we had to cancel one trip we have had full coaches for others. The last trip to Arcos de la Frontera was particularly successful and from it came the wish to visit the same area seeing some of the places that looked enticing from a coach window. So our next trip will be 'The Route of the Oranges' and will include visits to Olvera and to Teba. The last will especially appeal to our Scottish members as Teba features in Scottish history in a dramatic and rather romantic way.
After that we are going further north for the trip in March to the area of beautiful valleys and hills of Malaga grapes and wine.

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