Thursday, November 04, 2010

ANYTHING GOES November 5th to November 14th

I booked yesterday (Wednesday) for the Sunday performance of 'Anything Goes' and there were only a few seats left. If you can go during the week there is a much better selection but whatever you do, do go!
ANYTHING GOES opened on Broadway on November 21st 1934 and ran for 420 performances. During the depression that was considered pretty good and it was the fourth best run of the 30s. What is outstanding about it is the number of revivals there have been. In 1987 a revival with Patti LuPone ran for 784 performances. This wa seen by Elaine Paige who decided she had to buy thye rights to bring it to London so that she could star in it - with a young man called John Barrowman who then went on later to star in the 2002 show at the National Theatre in London before it transferred to Drury Lane.

Time I thought for a musical break.
Of course it wouldn't be complete without Ethel Merman:
OK a bit old for the part ( when did that worry the Salon?) but she starred in it in 1934 and then in the film in 1936 so she is important in the show's history. Big names who worked with her in the show were Bing Crosby, who was in the both the 1936 film and the 1956 one and Frank Sinatra who was in the 1954 TV production with Merman and Bert Lahr.
So a pretty successful musical. Cole Porter could be proud of himself. Among his collaborators on the show was P.G.Wodehouse. What a pedigree.
What's it about? It's a pretty complicated story but in the end is really simple. Boy meets girl, there are complicated madcap antics and mistaken identities on board an ocean liner. Will it get sorted out and love conquer all? What do you think!

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