Sunday, May 02, 2010

FOTA Day Trip to Cordoba

When you look in travel agents windows and see the cost of day trips you wonder how we can possibly do it for the price. The trip to Cordoba is 35 euros and that is less than operators are asking for when they offer a simple excursion day. Our trip also has a break for tostado and coffee and lunch included and the incomparable Gina as hostess. So how do we do it. Well partly by aiming to do something special for members and partly by not making a profit until the coach is practically full.

Although we intend that you will see the other places for which Cordoba is famous the Mezquita cannot be ignored. Once one of the most beautiful buildings in the world it proved a template for Islamic buildings everywhere. Even if you have been a hundred times this is not a building where you slope off for another coffee whilst the party goes in.
But Cordoba offers more. The Alcazar and its gardens are both beautiful and tranquil.

Not far away are two more sites. The Roman bridge has been recently restored as have the Arab baths where the Caliph held daily meetings.
 Cordoba isn't a large town and these buildings are near to the area known as the Juderia. A maze of twisting streets they are the picture book image so many people have of Andalucia. In early May the patios of the houses are open to show off the flowers in thousands of pots, baskets and containers. The festival will be over by the time of our visit but the flowers remain and are lovingly nurtured through the year.There are some famous and intriguing photo opportunities round here.

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