Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Committee Report

Report of the last Committee meeting  March 2010

Pat Suart who has been a stalwart member of FOTA for many years and a valued member of the Board has asked for a years absence for personal reasons. We hope that all goes well and we shall see her back in a years time.
Sales of the Anniversary Booklet have gone so well that we agreed a third printing. They are on sale whenever FOTA has a desk or David is selling his cards in the foyer as well as at performances. A denuncia has been issued for the aborted initial print run and a reply received.
The lunch at Casa Rustica was a success but some organizational problems need to be addressed. 15 members turned up without making a prior booking. The booking with the restaurant and the payment go through our books and so the start of the meal was delayed. There were also problems hearing the guest speaker because the restaurant is open to the public who cannot be expected to be quiet. Nevertheless an excellent meal and a raffle which raised 70€ ensured it can be counted a success.
The trip to the Genal Valley had to be re routed because of the weather but was still a popular success. The coach went to Colmenar and the Rio Gordo. Everyone enjoyed themselves and a profit was made for FOTA’s funds.
The Treasurer reported that we had sufficient funds to hand over another 2000 euros to the theatre. This makes a total of 35,798 euros since September 2008
Finally we agreed to set up a group on Facebook to publicise our activities and inform members of events at the theatre.
The group is called Fuengirola’s Theatre Friends.  It is an open group and already has over 100 members. You are welcome to sign in.

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