Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not enough pictures and our best trip yet?

Make a note in your diary for May 14th when we have a trip to the Patios of Cordoba. This is a taste of what you will see:

Each year there are fears that the dedicated Cordobans will be a dying breed and the patios will decline (but when has that stopped a proper Yorkshire man from growing leeks?).
The patios are only open for a short time and that is why we have an earlier date for our trip than is usual. And the best part is that the trip with a stop for tostado and coffee and lunch included is only 35 euros.
That isn't all of course. Cordoba has the Mezquita
which Charles V thought one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe - and he was ruler of most of Europe at the time - and a splendid Arab Palace and Baths. The Roman Bridge is unshrouded from its restoration and the Jewish quarter has intriguing alleyways and a stunning square which is just lived in by ordinary Cordobans. You will want to go back if you haven't been before.

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