Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Committee News

I am delighted to begin with success stories. The trip to see the flamingoes was fully booked so we made a nice profit for the theatre's funds. Just as important it's success has made the next trip already fully booked - in fact by last Friday we squeezed the last tripper on the bus. There is a waiting list and it is too late now even for that.
The next trip on April 23rd is to Tarifa and Baelo Claudia. Many will know Tarifa as a windsurfers centre and ferry point and not much more but it is a charming small town nearly all pedestrianised and with narrow atmospheric streets and a daily market. Tarifa was an entry point for the Moorish invasion of Spain and has a tenth century castle now called el castillo de Guzman after the Spanish commander during the siege of 1292. There is a gruesome story behind the siege when....... no, you'll have to wait till you get to the Castle.

Then on the Baelo Claudia. Founded in the second century B.C. it became an important town for fish processing.

There is a well preserved forum, three temples to Roman gods and even one to Isis of Egypt. Shops, main street and theatre. Near the beach is the fish processing plant and here a sauce was produced that the Roman's regarded as a rare and very expensive luxury. But it did rather smell

The trip after that will be a bit earlier than usual because we are going to see the famous Patios of Cordoba. Each Spring the patios are lovingly decorated with flowering plants but only for a brief period, hence the change of date. Not to be missed.

Lunches: I think everyone enjoyed their vegetarian lunch at Vegetalia. Even those making slightly nervous jokes beforehand came out with a smile. The next two dates for your diary are April 2nd when we hope to go to Casa Dori and then May 7th when Antonio Videra is the choice. They have both been popular on previous visits so I hope we will see you there.

During the meeting we handed over 1000 euros to the theatre. That makes a total of 22000 euros this year. I think that demonstrates how even a little contribution can add up. The theatre now seems to be in a pretty healthy state as long as we don't have a crisis and with a building as old that is who knows what is round the corner. (The roof over the storage area for David's cards leaked badly a few weeks ago) That is why we continue with the fundraising and why all your contributions, help and support are so important.

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