Saturday, October 04, 2008

New Season

It's October already and some things have happened and some are on their way.
The theatre has had a show and a film premiere. The film starred our vice president Lynn Halliday and has attracted the attention of both the BBC with a Look North film crew down to interview her (transmission probably Monday or Tuesday of this coming week) and a slot at the Marbella Film Festival. I understand the posh frock shops of Fuengirola have had to order urgent supplies.
Coming up at the theatre is 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' opening next Friday, October 10th and rehearsals are well under way for 'Absurd Person Singular' in early November. The Burnt Ash Players are visiting again between these events. Their previous productions have been of a very high standard so there is plenty to look forward to.
For FOTA, we had a successful lunch to kick start our season and now are looking forward to our first trip. This time to Jaen. This Andalucian provincial capital oozes history. Some ancient, after all Rome depended on it for olive oil as much of the world still does, some medieval with Moorish monuments including a castle turned into a Parador and some modern when man's inhumanity to man was particularly strong in the Civil War.
One of the great treasures is the napkin with which St Veronica wiped the brow of Christ on the way to the cross. This is still venerated every week in its glass case. But it is a bustling modern town too and the drive through the countryside to get there will start by being powerful through the mountains and then awesome as an unbelieveably endless vista of olive trees is broken up by small towns once on the front line of the war between the Moors of Granada and the kings of Aragon and Castille so safely perched on hill tops with their castle then trickling down the hills when security arrived with the reconquest.

The Parador high above the city. Don't worry, you don't have to walk

Date: Thursday October 23rd

Cost 32 euros

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