Friday, July 18, 2008

Planning for the Autumn

It's a bit early but thoughts of cooler days ahead are welcome at the moment. If you have left the coast to enjoy life in UK or other parts of the world it is unrelntingly hot here so what better time to get out our diaries and plan for the Autumn.
The last committee meeting decided :

Lunches: October 6th - Casa Dori
November 6th - Peppers at Dona Sofia
December 11th - Christmas lunch at El Brujo

Trips: October 23rd - Jaen and an Anise plant
November 27th - Rute or Estepa to visit a chocolate factory

Events: October 11th - Fashion Show (awaiting confirmation)
November 16th - Book Sale
December 6th - Christmas Bazaar

Of course everything is subject to change (when isn't it?) so the most important date is the first one you can make to come and say hello at the desk. We'll be there in September.

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