Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Hot Springs.

Our last trip of this season is set for Thursday May 22nd when we set off for the Hot Springs and the beautiful town of Alhama de Granada.
Here water rich in sulphates and magnesium has bubbled out of the ground to the delight of mankind since pre historic times at a rate of 80 litres a second and a temperature of 47C. The Romans loved the place but the glory days were from the 12th century when the Moors built their baths - still there - and the town became the favourite of the rulers of Granada. Today the baths are still a relaxing and popular way to relieve stress and aches and pains.
The stimulating effect of the waters by the river bank has convinced the locals that swimming in the river, where it has cut a gorge and the hot water from the spring joins the cooler waters from the mountains, is a local remedy especially good for the less pleasant after effects of spending too much time in the nightclubs of the city.

But it isn't just the baths to see. One recent comment on a tavel site said of Alhama:
A magnificent Gorge that, in my opinion, rivals Ronda but without the tourists.

As usual our trip includes a break for breakfast and a lunch.

Book at the FOTA desk at the theatre Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Fashion Show Saturday May 17th sees our fashion show on the theatre forecourt. We have been given donations already but would be delighted with more. It is being organised for us by Sian Hopkins and Liz Pollard so will be really worth going to.

Finally don't forget our AGM which is on Wednesday May 14th at 7.00.

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