Thursday, December 13, 2007

Congratulations but sadness gloom and despondency

SALVA held their AGM last night and with Elsa retiring, a new president was elected. The vote was between FOTA President Gina Foster and Geoffrey Bennets and by a narrow margin of two votes aGina was chosen. So it is congratulations to her but misery for us as Gina has to resign as our President. We have a Vice President in David Radford who will be taking over and our next committee meeting will have to decide how we re organise. Meanwhiile, of course, howver sad we feel that Gina is leaving us we are delighted for her and know that she will be totally supportive of our efforts in the future.
SALVA's AGM was also noticeable for the announcement by the Treasurer John Mack that after 18 years he will not be seeking re-election at the next AGM and would hope to help ease a successor in before then.
With Elsa retiring completely there was a vacancy on the Board and this was filled by Eddie Barnett.
There has been some uncertainty in the recent past over the lease at the theatre and the Board told us that a five year renewal had been agreed. This is a great relief after the tremendous
expenditure of the past few years particularly in getting the electrical supply sorted out. We were told that all official documentation on that is due to be completed in the next few days and with the theatre in reasonable shape and the bank acoount heading towards full health we can be confident about the immediate future.

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