Friday, June 01, 2007

The AGM (and Chita Rivera in Evita)

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The draft minutes from the AGM are done now. The meeting was very unSpanish in that it only lasted 26 minutes partly because there wasn't anything controversial. We had a good year with just over 5000 euros raised from our activities but more importantly a lot of people enjoyed themselves on the trips and at the lunches. Next week we will be having at least two meetings to discuss what the options are for spending some or all - or even maybe a little bit more - of it. The AGM came up with a couple of ideas so we'll see.
Last night there was a fiery display of Spanish dancing from Azabache, a flamenco school in Fuengirola. We kept to Spanish time - scheduled start at 9.30, actual start at 10 to 10 and finish at 12.15. It was really worth the late night and I can thoroughly recommend the show if they do it next year. The theatre was about half full and the languages in the bar showed what a mix of nationalities there are in this part of Spain.
Now to the nerve wracking bit. If you read the last post you'll know that auditions for Evita are next weekend. You will also have noted that there two posts of Antonio Banderas from the film. I don't know how I managed to get two and I couldn't find the way of deleting one of them. If you know please get in touch! Anyway here is another try. This time it is Chita Rivera singing 'Buenos Aires' from the Tony awards show in 1985.

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