Monday, April 16, 2007

JUNE 7th a date for your diary. We set off for a picnic in the Lake District of Málaga Province. Away from the Coast is a whole experience quite different from the sort of thing that you think of when someone says Costa Del Sol. The coach leaves Fuengirola and next stops at Álora after passing through Orange growing country beyond Cartama and Pizzara. At Álora there is a stop for coffee and if you are lucky you can see the Ostrich farm over the road. Then via the gorge where Von Ryan's Express was filmed, to the lake where you will be able to enjoy the picnic you have brought with you (there is a restaurant if you prefer). The scenery is quite spectacular and after the recent rains the lake level should be better than it is in the photos, which were taken last September. When the reservoir is full the water should be up to tree level- not likely - but will be high enough for a refreshing dip.
Now for the bad news. Blame global warming, well everyone does, but with winter residents heading north earlier this year we couldn't get a coach together for the trip to Jaen. Everyone who booked has been told but if you are now feeling disappointed let us know and we'll rethink it for next year.
Last Saturday saw a satisfactory return on our efforts with the book sale. What was particularly nice was that so many people took the opportunity of coming to say hello, not just to us but to each other so it was a good social occasion.
Our next event is lunch on May 3rd. Come along to the desk to confirm the venue.
Finally a note for your diary. The AGM is on May 22nd. All the retiring members of the committee are willing to stand again if you want them and there will be one vacancy caused by a member of the committee 'retiring' by non attendance.

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