Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Good Week in Fuengirola

We have had a very good week this week. On Tuesday I went to see the Music Hall at the theatre and as it often does it got me musing on the very English concept of AmDram. The theatre was packed and the audience loved it. The audiences we get here are used to high standards for free. There are many bars you can go to where, for the price of a drink you can watch professional entertainers, many with a background of training and performing going back a long way and yet 300 people every night sat in our theatre having paid 12 euros for the privilege and thought it worth every penny. This particular show depended very heavily on one performer who was not only pivotal since he was on stage all the time but also set a standard the others had to reach if they weren't to seem, well - amateur. The Chairman wasn't the only performer on stage who has been a professional and however much it showed I have still heard, then and later, 'superior' remarks about amdram. When I last visited the States even the small towns we went through had a theatre (in the British English sense of the word) and some had several. Whether the performers were getting paid or not the description of the theatre was usually 'Community Theatre' and this is what we have in Fuengirola. The theatre is a serious community resource not just for the expat English here and the many visitors who have been attracted to Fuengirola's tourist industry but also local Spanish people who are using the theatre to improve their language skills or surprise, surprise - enjoy themselves. So if you are involved with the theatre no more negative 'amdram' comments and if you aren't then come along and find out if you agree with me. Let me know - there is a comment button.
The next bit of good news this week has been the weather (until today). I arrived at the FOTA desk on Wednesday in hot, by English standards, summer sun and was told that the trip to Motril and Salobrena was fully booked. I have put our latest programme at the end of this blog so leaving things to the last moment can be avoided. Let us hope the weather is kind to all on Thursday.
Today we had the auction on the theatre café forecourt and every seat was taken. There was some enthusiastic bidding but some incredible bargains were to be had too. All told we raised nearly 250 euros for our funds. Leaving the auction I bumped into the cast of 'The Heiress' which opens this Friday, February 23rd at 8.00. Normally a cast shows signs of quiet desperation at this stage but there was a confidence that the show will be a good one. I stayed on to sit in on a rehearsal for 'The Dancing Years' . All I can say is that I wish I could pick up a routine as quickly.
FOTA's Programme:

Here are the dates for your diary:

March 1st: Lunch at Casa Rustica

March 29th: Trip to Cuevas in Granada Province

April 5th: Lunch at Meson La Costa (just up from the Horses' head roundabout)

April 26th: Trip to Nerja, the Caves and Burriana Beach

May 1st: Lunch at Antonio Verduras

June(date TBA): Trip to the Lakes with a bring your own picnic.

We shall look forward to seeing you at the desk on Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings.

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