Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Theatre's AGM

Anyone who has ever been to a meeting in Spain will know how long they can last and how undisciplined they seem to an English eye. It is not uncommon for an owners community meeting to start at 10,break for lunch and finish at 8 with not all agenda items covered so it was rather nice to go to the AGM of the theatre and have it all over in 16 minutes. It was quite a tribute to prior organisation and communication. Important stuff covered included information on the work being carried out. Fingers crossed all the electrical work except for a minor item is going to be finished by the time the panto opens on December 21st. FOTA's contribution of 13000 euros was acknowledged. Problems still remain with the building which is getting towards the end of its life but there is now a breathing space in which the future can be considered. FOTA member Gloria Harding was elected to the board of SALVA and we all wish her well. Continuity of the theatre management was assured when the current President told us that she would be handing over the running of the theatre gradually to the Vice President, whilst still making sure the buck stopped with her.

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