Saturday, November 04, 2006

Meet us at the desk

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in the bar at the theatre FOTA has a desk where you can check out our latest trips and activities or come along for a chat. I would love to get gossip for this blog but haven't had much that is repeatable!. Here is a picture of Gina, the president of FOTA and Arthur who is the Treasurer taken last Wednesday. The coffee is mine.
Our fundraising activities include selling some home made items - there is some marmalade in the picture - but the most important homemeade fundraiser is the re cycled cards, mostly for Christmas but also birthday and general cards. The work of David who is also our Vice President. Here he is with his stand.

This week the theatre saw the end of a successful return of 'Stepping Out' and a packed house for a visit from the Risca Male Voice Choir and guest Sian Hopkins. Now work is coming to a head for 'Witness For The Prosecution' by Agatha Christie. With four members of the FOTA committee in the cast we have a strong interest in the play. Agatha Christie regarded it as her best play and it has some intriguing twists and puzzles for the audience.

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